New project!

The Partial Facsimile team are currently working on a multi-media concept performance based on the streaming of digital information and its effects on human behaviour. We have engaged several international filmmakers to coincide with the music, which we are very excited about! More information coming in autumn 2016!

PF logo

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Dr. Caligari performed to a SOLD OUT Fabrica Gallery!

Thanks to everyone who came to experience the oldest horror movie in the world screened in a restored format and with a live soundtrack in 5.1 surround sound. We had a wonderful time improvising to this masterpiece at the eeriest gallery in Brighton! Thanks to FilmSpot, Scalarama Film Festival and the Fabrica crew for a great collaboration. We hope to see you all again!

Ben pulpit


Caligari Fabrica copy

Setting up for the show

Nearly ready!

Andy bow

Installing lights.

Headphones & Ebow

Ben Rack

Sold Out!

Fabrica building

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Partial Facsimile to perform at Fabrica!

Partial Facsimile are proud to be performing a live semi-improvised score in 5.1 surround sound for the German expressionist masterpiece ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’. The event will take place at the legendary Fabrica Gallery in collaboration with Filmspot on September 10th. Please book your tickets here or in person at Fabrica Gallery. Hope to see you there! P F x

Caligari Fabrica Poster

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Sonic Orienteering at LAND SHAPE festival, DK

We are excited to be traveling out to Hanstholm Lighthouse in Denmark this week in order to showcase an interactive sound orienteering piece in 5.1 surround sound. We shall, along with artist Ann Mai Røge and the audience, be mapping the festival site and create a miniature 360 degree soundscape of the site. This piece is part of a brand new land art festival named Land Shape. The festival boasts over 50 international artists that will be working both indoors and outside over the course of June 4th – 7th, along with symposiums on land art. Entry is free.


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Calling all filmmakers! We need you for the L.E.N.S. project!


Our latest research project is looking deep into the mainstream soul conceptually and musically, but we need you to underpin it visually! We are currently working on an hour-long concept album dealing with the crossover between streaming of media and streaming (grooming) of people. If you are interested in getting involved with the filmmaking, please see project outline below, listen for a taster and get in touch by sending an email to

L.E.N.S –Life. Exemplified. Noting. Subtleties

– The concept: Streaming

• This project deals with the notion of streaming of information and how the streaming of our working day, contracts and focus of energy is shaping us to coexist in a society, that makes one introvert, exhausted and ill, politically predisposed and at times apathetic.

It will be experienced through an hour-long live sonic-visual journey through the monotonous, and self-recording nature of the modern Western mainstream day.

• There is an acceptance to exist within certain parameters that are already preordained. We are drip fed twenty-four hour selective news coverage of politician’s daily amenable and palatable spin.

• Is this communication or one-way intoxication?

• Relaxation can only ever be achieved momentary and is therefore forever sought. The desire to break free and to be an individual is present in us all, but there is a lack of will to do so. Filling the void is easier, although we know deep down this habitual behaviour on a hamster wheel can be broken just as its circle was welded together.

• The feeling of Deja-Vu is ever present. The need to feel wanted and become part of a community or movement is overwhelming. No matter how artificial and non-tactile these virtual worlds and relationships have become. Our mainstream language is reduced to one-liners, selfies and 20-second videos in order to promote the “attractive” sides of ourselves. But unlike a photograph that fades away, these little considered digital “portraits” get swallowed up into the well of other “V.I.Ps,” and stored for future sell-offs and monitoring.

• The fast paced lifestyle we lead allows an oblivious attitude to detail to become the accepted norm. Habitual behaviour takes over, and we become everyday lemmings. We refuse to acknowledge each other. The environment, relationships, family, conversation and other matters that make us human appear no longer important. The mundane daily slog takes president.

• Self-preservation and acquirement of personal wealth are paramount. The conveyor continues to drive on generation after generation at greater speed. We demand more, our employers demand more of us, and our governments allow our rights to be withered away.

• Something has to give way. A society that potentially lacks morals has a lack of dignity, a lack of respect, and ultimately disengagement from real life.

Our modern society is engaged in polishing and decorating the cage in which man is kept imprisoned.
~Swami Nirmalananda

Scenes / Storyboard sketch:

• The journey follows the commuter to work or to the sofa. Back from work to the to the sofa again or into a chosen virtual reality.

• In between lies indecision due to conscience, option anxiety, and the bombardment of information, quality checked or not.

• Throughout is a constant underlying directive of direction to keep us traveling on the preordained rails.

• Stress seems incurable. Expectations and demands on our society are higher than ever. Give more take less.

• Production speed is creating confusion and we come together to amplify this stress causing us all to make miscalculations resulting in further despair.

• The clouds do occasionally clear allowing temporary liberation.

• However it all seems surreal. Is it greed or is it a misunderstanding that accrual of extra wealth will make things better. This can be viewed as selfishness, but is often a misguided will to make life better for our loved ones.

• In all its agreed that this repetition and monotony are part of the job description for modern western life. But inside our heads we are repulsed and tormented by it. We have fantasies and dreams about what it may one day be like to escape this eternal return. Do we want to conform? If not, then why do we do this everyday?

• This culminates in a Timeline of this Groundhog Day. A Timeline of daily decisions, improvisations, accidental successes, failures and demands stripped bare and analysed through L.E.N.S.

(Sur) Real
Global Eatery
Take A Breath In
Material Gain

Locations TBC
Artwork Rod Clark (TBC)
Film Makers TBC
Technical set up:
The music will be performed live to the screenings, in 5.1 surround sound, promoting a more immersive way of experiencing live sound and visuals combined.

Andrew Booth: Bass
Benjamin Baxter: Keys / Vocals
Dave Neil: Guitar
Laila Hansen: Guitar / Vocals / Keys
Steve Verdin: Guitar / Vocals

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Amidst the Pedals & Cables to be included in the British Library Sound Archive

3 track album.

3 track album.

Partial Facsimile members Alex Merron and Laila Hansen collaborated with musician Jacob Brant for a unique performance in 5.1 surround sound at the Beastie Toys’ private view exhibition at Vine Street Studios in Brighton. A rehearsal of this is now released as the three-track album Amidst the Pedals & Cables, and a physical copy is to be included in the British Library Sound Archive.

Get yours here for £2 or more. CD-r in a plastic sleeve with art by Juliet Suzmeyan & Jacob Brant music. Includes unlimited streaming of Amidst the Pedals and Cables [live] via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Partial Facsimile on Soundcloud

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Meeching Industrial – Partial Facsimile performance at Fort Process Sound Art Festival

‘Meeching Industrial’ is a tempo based piece exploring the industrial development in Bishopstone and Newhaven. It ranges from the year 1815 to 2015 with each minute representing one decade, with an extended 10-minute ‘future zone’ ending in 2025. The latter suggests the potential for a new industrial era. Each musician is instructed to improvise from historically syncopated audio and film that is mainly sourced locally. The sound will in-turn inspire live digital drawing.

In 477AD the Saxons arrived in Sussex and founded a village called Meeching on the estuary of the River Ouse. The name Meeching comes from the Saxon word meces and means the people or the camp of the sword. In 1579 a disastrous storm destroyed Meeching, and it was rebuilt and re-named Newhaven.

Making works that are accessible to a wide demographic is important in order for art not to be reserved solely for galleries or concert halls, but to rather help it exist in our immediate surroundings. We believe that by tapping into the local history and elicit sounds from spaces not necessarily designed for performances, these structures can be rejuvenated in an educational and ethereal way.

The sound-scape of the last 200 years is reflected in the instrumentation; vocals, blue boulders, pots and pans, double bass, dust bin- and snare drum, piano, electric guitar, synthesizer and iPad. The ‘Future Zone’ section includes a unique brain wave controlled instrument known as the Neuro-Harp constructed by Jamie Gillett. The performance will take place in Newhaven Fort’s ‘Grand Magazine’ as part of the Fort Process international sound-art festival 2014.

Special thanks to:
Newhaven Maritime Museum and South East Screen Archive for their support in providing historical documentation, images and film footage. We also thank Bang & Olufsen of Brighton & Hove for supplying the Beolab-14 surround sound cinema system and Lost Property for inviting us to perform. All of which without this performance would not have been possible.

Meeching Industrial screen shot

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Photos from The Cabinet of Dr Caligari screening at Redoubt Fortress

In collaboration with Filmspot, Scalarama and Bang & Olufsen of Brighton & Hove, Partial Facsimile got a tremendously warm response to our re-developed soundtrack to the first horror film created; The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari at Redoubt Fortress 26.09.14.

The score was semi-improvised and projected in 5.1 surround sound using the Beolab 14 home cinema system. The crystal clear sound of the backing-track coupled with the responsive tones of double bass, manipulated vocals, guitars and keyboard, ensured the sold out audience of 80 attendees were pinned to their seats for the entire screening. Below one can see the images captured by Kat Kaummanz, from the set up through till the end of the performance that left both the audience and the performers equally as inquisitive about decisions made of wall placement between the inside and outside of mental asylums, as Robert Wiene portrayed in this 1920 expressionist masterpiece.

The audio will be made available soon in both surround sound and stereo. Date for this is yet to be confirmed. Until then, other works of ours can be experienced on this web site and our SoundCloud.

We will screen this film again in January at venues both in Brighton and Portsmouth so keep your eyes peeled for updates on this site and our Twitter @PFacsimile


Film Spot set up and ready for a haunting evening at the old fortress in Eastbourne.


We set our equipment up in one of the casements.


Rob Cunningham and Rachel Hunter from Film Spot installing their projector.


Laila Hansen of Partial Facsimile wires up the B&O Beolab 14 system.


The show was in 5.1 surround sound with one computer controlling the live outputs one recording the show.


Guitarist Steve Verdin (Francis) and vocalist Ben Baxter (Dr Caligari) of Partial Facsimile working on Steve’s guitar set up.


Double bass player Andrew Booth (Cesare) of Partial Facsimile setting up his bass head in the “cabinet” he was allocated for the evening.


Audience settling in with reading material from both Scalarama and Bang & Olufsen.


The lights are about to go down and Andy has got his make up on..


…ready for an hour and fifteen minutes in the red cabinet.


The show could now begin. Ben seen with his top-hat improvising vocally using two different mic set ups.


A shimmer onto the stunning Danish design of the Bang & Olufsen satellite speaker.


The audience were every musician’s dream; one could hear a pin drop!


Steve hastily takes his jacket off after the show in order to step out of his Frances character….


…Laila on the other hand remains as Jane Olsen for a few more moments.


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Fantastic review and forthcoming screening of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari with LIVE soundtrack in 5.1 surround sound!

Filmspot Review


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